Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Snape's Jacket (Part I)

The look:

pullover - old Jacob
skirt - old Eddie Bauer
suspenders - old H&M
jacket - old Zara
hand warmers - H&M
beret - old
boots - Marsell

The tale:

When I bought the Marsell boots about a month ago -- there is this shoe shop near where I live, that, in my opinion, carries some of the nicest, albeit the most expensive, shoes, that I visit twice a year, when it has its two semi-annual sales, to buy nice shoes on sale, which is where and when I got the Marsell boots -- I wasn't too sure that they would fit in with my style.  Little did I know at that time -- or, perhaps, I did know at some level, which caused me to buy the boots -- that I was on the cusp of a style change (maybe?) and that the boots would, not only fit in with my "new" style, but would also become a favourite pair of boots.  I love these boots.  So much so that, after wearing them for just four days, I am already worried about wearing them too much and wearing them out.  I am a crazy girl.

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