Sunday, February 19, 2012

warm wool dress

the look:

dress - from a local arts and craft import shop
hat - lillie & cohoe
boots - doc martens
coat - old uo
scarf - old
gloves - h&m

the tale:

i am quickly getting to be known as someone who prefers black clothing.  it happened yesterday, when i was checking out a black knapsack and the shop clerk remarked that it suited me dressed as i was in head to toe black.  and it happened today, when a shop clerk told me, unsolicited, that the orange dress that i was carrying around in my hand to try on while continuing to browse the shop was also available in black.  it seems strange, being so identified, when i have only recently returned to wearing black clothing.  not everyone is pleased with my style regression.  for the record, i didn't wear head to toe black today.  i threw in some charcoal grey.

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