Monday, January 9, 2012

Perfect Long Skirt Coat

The look:

pullover - Zara
skirt - old Eddie Bauer
beret - old
chelsea boot - Cydwoq
coat - old H&M
gloves - old Danier
bag - Roots

The tale:

As soon as I pulled out the coat to wear today, I was taken back a couple of months to when I first wore the coat and said that I thought I would be wearing it often this Autumn/Winter.  Turns out that after that, I only wore it once (or twice) more.  "You lier," screamed my mind.  "You said you were going to wear it a lot this year!"  As soon as I put on the coat, I knew exactly why I fell in love with the coat those couple of months ago.  I think that it looks so perfect with a long skirt (or mid-calf length skirt).  Not that I am making excuses, but that is exactly why I haven't worn the coat as often as I said that I would:  I haven't worn that many long skirts this Autumn/Winter.  So there, you accusing mind!

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