Sunday, January 15, 2012

Infused With Sunshine Cardi

The look:

shirt - old Gap
tie - H&M
cardi - old H&M
leggings - old MEC
beret - old
boots - old
texting gloves - H&M
bag - old Lululemon
parka - old Canada Goose
scarf - old H&M
mitts - old H&M

The tale:

Exactly one week ago today, I wrote about the experience of having a reference for an outfit on the tip of my tongue but eluding me.  I am having that experience today, with this second example of the once-upon-a-time Winter weekend uniform.  That aside, having worn the uniform on two consecutive days, I remember why it became a uniform.  Sheer comfort, sheer warmth, sheer joy.  As I was having my Sunday late breakfast after yoga practice (chocolate croissant and tea), reading my book (I have become obsessed with Swedish crime fiction, don't ask me why), it suddenly occurred to me that I would love nothing more than to wear the uniform to work this week (knowing that the cold weather is going to continue).  I won't though.  My sense of what is work appropriate and what isn't will prevail.  It also occurred to me, at this same late breakfast sitting, that I should probably reveal what happens to that bag that I carry with the uniform, in case it isn't obvious.  There it is, before I don the parka, and then it seems to disappear when I do put the parka on.  Well, with this parka, the bag stays beneath the parka.  Yes, this means that I have to unzip everytime that I have to pull out some cash or plastic, but as I usually only have to pull out cash or plastic when I am indoors -- my keys and transit pass I keep in one of the two front pockets -- this poses no hardship as I always unzip the moment I come indoors (while a Canada Goose parka is great for the cold outdoors, it is an instant sauna the moment one comes indoors, hence the unzipping immediately upon coming in from the cold).  There it is.  No big mystery.  Now if only the reference for the outfit was no big mystery!

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