Sunday, November 27, 2011

I Would Rather Be Lounging Sweater Dress

I would rather have spent today lounging, but I had certain non-lounging obligations.  I have these non-lounging obligations every Sunday, and I usually don't want to get out of them, but today was particularly dark, gloomy and rainy and perfect for staying at home and lounging.  But let me not dwell on what wasn't.  Did anyone indulge in any Black Friday sales?  I did.  But not intentionally.  I found myself in Anthropologie and spotted on sale, and further discounted because of Black Friday, a lovely coat that a couple of weeks ago I had put on my wait-for-it-to-go-on-sale list and an interesting pullover.  A good haul, I think.  I am looking forward to wearing both items, but particularly the coat.  I am calling it my Midas Touch Coat.

I am wearing a sweater dress from H&M, an open sweater vest from the Gap, old leggings, old Aldo boots and an old AA wool beret.

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