Monday, December 19, 2011

Blue Teardrop Coat

The look:

dress - old JCrew
wool open cardi - JCrew Factory
wool coat - Anthropologie
wool beret - old
gloves - H&M
chelsea boots - old Fluevogs
bag - Roots

The tale:

I ended the day feeling very blue.  From looking at my outfit today, one might be tempted to think that I  started out the day feeling very blue.  But I did not.  Could it be a case of the blueness of the clothing seeping into my being?

Let me move on to a topic less blue in feeling:  my blue chelsea boots.  I have had these blue boots for some time now.  While I loved the colour of the boots immediately I saw them, I wasn't as in love with the boots themselves.  I was somewhat uncomfortable with how wide the opening at the ankle was.  Nonetheless, I bought them, mostly because, at the time, I was sporting nothing but 60s clothing in bright, psychedelic colours and I thought that they would fit in with my look.  They sort of got lost in my closet soon after.  Now, although I am no longer wearing 60s clothing in bright, psychedelic colours, I am rediscovering the boots.  Part of the rediscovery has to do with a current preoccupation with Chelsea boots.  And, oddly, the width of the opening at the ankle no longer bothers me.  In fact, now, I love it.  Funny how things work out sometimes.  It makes me wonder whether "my gut", which leads me to buy things sometimes, knows me way better than my mind does.

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