Sunday, October 30, 2011

Mute Button Sweater Vest Dress

This morning, I bundled myself up and took myself to the yoga studio, with the happy intention of practising.  But I forgot something.  My yoga practice clothes.  So I bundled myself back up and took myself back home (stopping along the way for some hot tea and pastries).  For a while, I felt lost.  I had some found time, about three hours of found time.  What to do.  Eventually, I settled down (the hot tea and pastries helped) and used the time to catch up on laundering and stowing away some clothes that I won't be wearing now until Spring/Summer 2012 (and watching some scary old movies).  Today was the first truly cold day since last Winter, signalling the coming Winter.  While I was ironing some clothes, I turned on The Weather Network to keep me company.  I learned that Winter (meaning snow) had already hit some places in the Eastern United States and Eastern Canada.  Brrrrr!  And so it begins ... again.

I am wearing an old turtleneck under an old Precocious sweater dress, a wool wrap cardigan from H&M, a faux shearling aviator style jacket from Joe Fresh, an old Banana Republic wool newsboy cap  and fingerless mitts from H&M.  My boots are old Fluevogs.  I am carrying a bag from American Apparel.

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