Saturday, October 8, 2011

Chunky Cropped Sweater

While it may be nice to experience some Summertime weather in Fall (particularly when we all know that we are heading into a (no doubt) long, cold Winter), the downside to having Summertime weather in Fall (and I don't mean to be negative) is that it takes some time, on any one day, for the Summertime weather to arrive.  Which means that, if you leave for wherever you are going in the morning, you can't leave the house dressed for Summertime weather (unless you have a high threshold for cold) and, if you stay out for the better part of the afternoon, you end up lugging around extra layers as you shed layer after layer to keep cool as the temperature rises.  I left the house fairly early this morning, and I felt just comfortable in my chunky cropped sweater.  By noon, the chunky cropped sweater was off and draped over my bag.  All the weather, and dressing for the weather, talk aside, as you can see, it was a very casual dress day today.  I expect tomorrow to be as well.  In fact, I think I will try a skirt variation of today's outfit (I think the Madewell Belladonna skirt in grey will work well).

I am wearing an old Old Navy tshirt and old Roots skinny sweats.  My chunky cropped sweater is from H&M.  I am wearing Fluevogs on my feet and a cotton knit beret from American Apparel on my head.  My scarf is an old souvenir scarf.  I am carrying any old cotton canvas souvenir satchel.

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