Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Yearning For School Cardigan

Three consecutive days of casual dressing.  I can't remember the last time that this occurred.  I really like this casual dressing, but I can't get too used to it, because, before too long, I will back at work, and there is no casual dressing there.  (Except for casual Friday, of course.  But casual Friday comes with a host of rules, for example, the rule that shorts and cotton jersey dhotti pants are not allowed.)  In the meantime, maybe I will go for a fourth consecutive day of casual dressing tomorrow?

I am wearing a cotton jersey cardigan and cotton jersey dhotti pants from American Apparel.  Underneath the cardi is an old Gap tshirt.  Around my neck, I have tied an old souvenir scarf.  On my feet are Fluevogs and on my head is a cotton knit beret from American Apparel.  I am carrying an old souvenir cloth satchel.

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