Monday, September 26, 2011

Long Laces Boots

First, there were the long laces oxfords.  Now, presenting the long laces boots.  Today, I had a conversation with a shop owner about the boots in which I had to admit that they are actually men's boots (the upside of having a relatively large shoe size is that you have twice as much selection -- also a downside sometimes).  The shop owner was very nice about the boots, even trying to show me some clothing in the same colour, although I wasn't looking for clothing to match the boots.  Which brings me to the shop owner's shop.  (Nice segue eh?  Just kidding.  I know it is not, but it is the best I could do).  The shop was very nice, carrying a large assortment of loose fitting clothing, the kind that I have come to favour of late.  (Which reminds me of a particular job interview, in which one of the interviewers stated that in her office she usually knows when a woman is pregnant because she starts wearing loose fitting clothing.  Probably not an appropriate comment to make in an interview setting.  For the record, I am not pregnant.  Now back to the shop's loose fitting clothing.)  Unfortunately, it was mostly sweater clothing and I was not in the "mood" to shop for sweaters.  To explain, it was hot today, definitely not sweater weather or sweater shopping weather.  (It's amazing how, at this time of year, the day can go from chilly in the morning to blazing hot midday and back to chilly in the evening.)  Maybe I will go back, when I am in the "mood" to shop for sweaters.  Some of the pieces in the shop were very nice.

I am wearing an old Jacob cotton knit polo sweater, an old jumper dress and an old JCrew cardigan.  My boots are old Fluevogs.  My cotton knit beret is from American Apparel.  I am carrying an old cotton canvas souvenir satchel.

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