Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Lime Green Tunic

It occurs to me that one of the last Summer-y outfits that I wore last year was the lime green skirt that I wore today, the jacket that I wore today and a short sleeve version of the blouse that I wore today.  Today's lime green outfit may very well be the last Summer-y outfit that I wear this year.  I took a look at the Weather Channel before writing this post and noted that the temperature is going to drop over the next couple of days, to the point where, by Saturday, I will have to contend with single digit temperatures (celsius).  Strange isn't it?  Certainly not consciously planned.

I am wearing a vintage blouse, a tunic from The Embellished Room, an old Olio Organics skirt and an old Banana Republic jacket.  My scarf is an old wool/linen blend scarf.  I am wearing an old Nine West cloche hat.  My boots are Fluevogs and I am carrying a small frame bag from H&M.

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