Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Gatsby Ankle Boots

Lately, random thoughts have been occurring to me about getting dressed.  For example, this morning, after I had gotten dressed, it occurred to me that purple is traditionally a half mourning colour.  This probably occurred to me because, last night, I was re-watching Downton Abbey and the issue of half mourning was briefly featured.  Here is another random thought that occurred to me yesterday (it's really a random question and thought combined, but just the same):  How many wears of a new pair of shoes does it take before they stop looking like brand new shoes?  I am usually very easy on my shoes, meaning that they stay looking fairly presentable for a very long time.  It usually takes me about 10 to 12 wears before a pair of shoes stops looking like I just took them out of the box.  I am not sure if this is good or bad.  As a kid, I hated that my shoes lasted a long time, for the obvious reason that I had a longer time to wait before I could have new shoes.  Now that I no longer have to wait for a pair of shoes to die before getting a new pair (I am not making any comment on whether I should or shouldn't wait), it really doesn't matter that new shoes stay looking like new shoes for as long as they do.  Speaking of new shoes ... I love these Gatsby ankle boots!  More random thoughts tomorrow.

I am wearing an old Urban Renewal blouse with an old scarf as a tie under a linen jumper dress from a local arts and crafts import shop and a cotton twill open jacket from the same shop.  Fluevogs are on my feet and an old Nine West cloche hat is atop my head.  I am carrying an old Roots cotton canvas satchel and an old umbrella (first time for an umbrella on the blog).

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