Monday, August 8, 2011

Going On A Journey Dress

Back to work apparently means back to what has clearly become this Summer's favourite jacket.  Last Summer's favourite jacket was my old JCrew sailor jacket.  In the Spring, it looked like this Summer's favourite jacket was going to be my old Zara sailor jacket, but, no, it turns out to be this grey jacket, the one that I bought for a song at the last of the last Winter sales at Anthropologie.  I may actually have thought twice about buying the jacket, but am I ever glad that I did buy it.  I think that I have more than paid for this jacket with the number of times that I have worn it.

The dress and belt that I wore today are recent purchases from H&M.  After I tried the dress on and had settled on buying it, I spotted it (apologies for the accidental (bad) pun) on a mannequin, styled with the belt.  I so liked the combination, that I decided to get the belt as well.  Turns out the combination was put together only that day by the clerk who happened to process my purchase and whose first day back at work it was.  He told me that he felt pleased that on his first day back at work he put together an outfit that someone ended up buying.  I was happy to have obliged. 

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