Monday, July 11, 2011

The White Denim Cut-Off Shorts

Every Summer since I passed the age of 16 (some time ago now), I have had a "shorts crisis".  Meaning I have questioned whether I should still wear shorts.  So far, the crisis has been resolved by my deciding that it is still okay for me to wear shorts.  My decision is influenced to a large extent by the fact that it is usually extremely hot when I am contemplating the question of whether I should still be wearing shorts.  Aside from very loose linen dresses, I can't think of anything cooler to wear on a hot, humid day than shorts.  Everything else falls by the boards when it comes to staying cool on a hot, humid day, including how I may look in shorts.  Although I am sure that, one day, staying cool on a hot, humid day won't trump how I  may look in shorts.

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