Thursday, July 28, 2011

Adventures In Online Shopping

So instead of writing about my outfit today (the only thing that I would have wanted to write about would have been the shoes -- what exactly is a cross between a gladiator and a ballet flat called? -- the rest is just plain old recycling), I have decided to write about the expansion of my online shopping horizons.  Last week, I ventured to Modcloth.  The results of that expedition arrived yesterday.  Let's just say that the jury is still out on that little adventure.  Or, maybe, it isn't, because, at the moment, I am thinking that that adventure was a one-time adventure that was what it was but won't be repeated because there are so many other adventures out there.  (Just to be clear, the transaction was excellent.  I think the "problem" lay in my inability to judge the size and fit of clothing unless I see it on a professional model, whose dimensions I am pretty familiar with as compared to my own very un-model like dimensions.)  My other online shopping adventure took place yesterday, when I placed an order with Dear Creatures (they were having a sale, so how could I resist, although the shipping costs were rather steep).  I have loved all the pictures that I have seen of Dear Creatures stuff.  I do so hope that the real goods live up to all my expectations.  I guess I will know in the next week of so.

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