Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Pink Linen Dress

I acquired the lovely pink linen dress that I wore today last Summer from an Etsy seller.  I loved how the dress looked on the seller's model and I loved how the dress looked "on the hangar" in my abode.  However, I did not love how the dress looked on me when I tried it on.  So I never wore the dress.  A few weeks ago, some t-shirt sweaters came into my life.  With one of the sweaters layered over the pink linen dress, I felt very comfortable wearing it.  Now, while I may have waited a year to wear the pink linen dress, I just got a pink twill dress (on sale) from JCrew that I can hardly wait to wear.  Unfortunately being a twill dress with long sleeves, I will have to wait to wear it.  I will have to wait for a chilly Summer day or a warm Fall day.  The pink linen dress though was the perfect thing to wear on the official first day of Summer.


Jennyboo said...

This dusty pink dress and the boots perfectly compliment each other. It is quite a lovely ensemble.

wardrobetales said...

Thanks, Jennyboo!