Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Newsboy Cap

I took a pass on some of my usual enjoyable Saturday activities today.  I would like to say that I replaced them with other enjoyable activities, but some of the replacement activities were tedious chores that I have been putting off.  These tedious chores included clothing alterations.  Every time I undertake some alterations, however minor, I remember how much I hate doing alterations and I resolve that I will never do alterations again.  I will either have someone do them for me or I won't buy anything that needs altering before it can be worn.  Sadly, I am not through with the alterations yet.  I have two dresses left to hem (I cut them shorter today but was too tired to hem them up).  Ugghhh!  I really hate doing alterations.  After I finish doing the current batch of alterations, that's it:  I will never do alterations again.