Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Black Dress, The Black Blouse, The Black Cardigan, Etc.

Lately, I have been feeling a need to get colour out of my wardrobe.  And just as colour blocking has become a trend.  I have been wearing a lot of black lately and, while I do intend to wear more black that I have been wearing lately, wearing only black isn't the way that I was thinking of getting colour out of my wardrobe.  Along with wearing black, I was thinking of wearing greys, browns, dark blues and earthy tones of colours like green, orange, red and yellow.  But as I progress in this way of getting colour out of my wardrobe, I am finding that I really don't want to wear any colour other than blue, and then only if it comes in the form of denim or chambray.  Wearing green on Sunday, for example, particularly that rather bright shamrock green gingham shirt, really made me feel like I was shouting, a screaming maniac.  I am not really sure what is happening.  Obviously, I am transitioning somewhere.  I think that I will just go with it.

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