Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Paisley Raindrops Skirt

I may have discovered a way of avoiding wearing tights: the long skirt.  Not doable in Winter -- I am sure frostbite would ensue -- but definitely doable in the chilly Spring.  The problem, of course (isn't there always a problem), is that I don't actually own that many long skirts suitable for Spring.  The one that I wore today I picked up on the weekend.  Aside from it, I think that I own only one other long skirt suitable for wearing right now.  (My other long skirts are either heavy wool ones appropriate only for Winter or linen definitely intended for Summer wear.)  I recently purchased some maxi dresses that, while I had intended them for early Summer wear, I could probably make work right now.  I might have to get creative!  It could be fun ... or total misery.

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