Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Long Floral Frock

Are you ever simply taken by a film for its feel?  There may be nothing special about the film.  It may not be an award winner for anything.  It may not even be an award nominee for anything.  But it has a special feel ... for you.  In my lifetime to date, I have been taken by many films for their feel.  And a big part of a feel of a film for me is its costume design.  Yesterday, I watched one of my like-it-for-its-feel films, I Capture the Castle.  Then I watched another one:  The Painted Veil.  Had I had a bit more time, I would have also watched Sirens and Enchanted April.  All these films have one thing in common:  They all take place in the 1920s in a remote rural location in some country.  That was yesterday.  Then came today.  I will leave it at that.

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