Friday, May 20, 2011

The Crisp White Shirt

The crisp white shirt that I wore today has two stories behind it.  First, it is a Gap shirt that I bought when, in the Spring, the Gap used to put out a series of white shirts designed by different designers.  (I wish I could say that I remember the designer of my crisp white shirt, but I don't.)  Why is it that the Gap stopped doing this? Not a money maker, I suppose.  Second, it is a shirt that immediately came to mind when, many weeks ago now, I came across Thom Dolan's S/S 2011 lookbook.  I realized that the shirt would be perfect for recreating some of the looks in that lookbook.  I am always pleased when I come across a lookbook full of looks that I like and I realize that I don't have to buy a stitch of new clothing to recreate my favourite looks.  Bad for the designer, I know.  And, perhaps, selfish of me for not wanting to contribute to her/his financial welfare.  But I think that I buy enough new clothes that I may be forgiven for not buying from every designer's every line.  If you know Tom Dolan's S/S 2011 line, you will know that it really isn't that astonishing that I can re-create my favourite looks drawing from my existing wardrobe:  Leaving aside the bikinis, mostly the line consists of shirt dresses and crisp short sleeved shirts paired with shorts.  But this is a bit surprising:  The shorts are bloomer-like shorts.  Now, how may people can say that they already own bloomer-like shorts?  I can!  I do!  But going back to the shirt,  as I like many of the looks in Thom Dolan's S/S 2011 line, and plan on recreating them, I expect that this shirt will see a lot of wear this Spring/Summer.

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