Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Contained Bow Skirt

My outfit today, the moment I put it on, reminded me of a particular scene in I Capture the Castle, the film that I saw on Monday.  In a lead up to the scene, Topaz, the stepmother, dyes the entire family's entire wardrobe green.  Subsequently, the two American gentlemen who arrive in the area, Simon and Neil (Simon comes to the area because he inherits some property in the area, including the castle that the family lives in, and Neil comes to the area because he is Simon's brother), pay the family a visit.  The scene that my outfit reminded me of occurs during that visit when Neil asks why the family is all wearing green.  There is an awkward moment, when the family look at one another, not sure how to respond, or, perhaps, not wanting the truth to come out, that is broken by Rose, the elder daughter, who rushes to the piano and begins playing.  Fortunately, no one asked me why I was wearing all green.

P.S.  I labelled the skirt that I wore today the "Contained Bow Skirt" as a nod to the exploding bow garments that have been created for JCrew by Prabal Gurung.  I particularly like the exploding bow blouse.  

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