Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Cafe Au Lait Dress

As usual, I awoke to the morning radio show today.  Somewhat unusual for me, I couldn't stop listening to the morning radio show -- I mean intently listening -- when I should have been concentrating on figuring out what to wear today.  "Focus," I kept telling myself.  But as soon as I said it, off my mind would wonder again to the morning radio show.  What makes it worse, there wasn't even anything very interesting being said on the morning radio show.  It amazes me that I did manage to put together an outfit and not be late for work!


Anonymous said...

beautiful, I'd like to copy it.
I like the beige? cuffs that break the black & white.

Strange you think about what to wear in the morning. I usually do it before going to sleep, and of course, in the morning put on sth totally different than planned. It all depends on our mood, I guess.

wardrobetales said...

Thanks, Is bakinog ormara. I have to admit that I am not all that consistent about when I plan what I am going to wear. Sometimes it's days ahead, sometimes it's the night before, sometimes it's in the morning. And, then, like you, sometimes I scrap my plans and go with something completely different. Mood is definitely a big thing with me.

Stef / Diversions said...

Awesome dress and I love the colour of your shirt with the shades of grey. :)

At least you got sucked in by the radio, I just find myself staring blankly :)