Tuesday, April 26, 2011

When I Wore Black

Back in the days when I wore nothing but black (black and more black), people used to say to me that the colour one chose to wear was a reflection of one's mood.  "Poppycock", I used to retort, "I wear black when I am happy, sad, mad or whatever."  (I suppose people were simply trying to figure out whether, by suddenly choosing to wear nothing but black, I was trying to say that I was sad.  I hope that my answer convinced them that I wasn't, because I truly wasn't.)  Now that I wear, not only back, but also all of the colours of the rainbow, I am definitely aware of the connection between the colours that I choose to wear and my mood.  Now wearing black during the day signals that I don't want to be conspicuous, that I want to withdraw and think, to reflect on things, that I want to be quiet, that I want to stop and smell the roses, that I want to slow down.  Of course wearing black for a formal evening out signals something entirely different ... I think ... or maybe not.

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Stef / Diversions said...

Love your hat and the belted jacket. Funny how literal people take things :)