Saturday, April 9, 2011

The First Of Many Chambray Dresses To Come

Do you ever conceive of an outfit that you can't wear immediately because it doesn't suit the weather?  So you wait, patiently, for the right weather to come along.  Finally, it does, so you do a little happy dance and you put the outfit on.  And you walk around all day with a big smile on your face!  That was my day today.  I have been wanting to wear this particular chambray dress since last Fall, when it came into my life.  But Winter came fast and furious and the dress just would not have kept me warm enough.  So I had to put it away until this Spring.  I think that one of my personal trends this Spring/Summer is going to be the chambray/denim dress/jumper dress.  I have already acquired several of these.  And, every time I walk into a clothing store and see one on the racks, I am drawn to it.  In fact, it takes a lot of discipline to assess the dress rationally and to determine if it is me and I should buy it.  All I want to do is just grab the dress and run (paying for it of course).

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