Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Check Mate Shirt

When I saw the skirt that I wore today hanging on the sales racks at Urban Outfitters (some months back), I was instantly attracted to it.  It was a plaid skirt, and I am always mad for plaid.  But that aside, I loved the colours in it:  the olive green, the rust and the bright orange.  So imagine my disappointment when I discovered that it was a tad too big for me (okay, perhaps more than a tad too big for me).  But I pushed the disappointment aside.  It was too good a deal and I loved it too much to pass it up.  I would make it work ... somehow.  The skirt lay in waiting for a couple of months.  Then, I acquired the oversized orange check shirt, which I knew immediately would become the skirt's mate.  Still that wasn't enough:  An oversized orange check shirt does not a too large skirt make small.  Shortly thereafter, I hit upon the solution, one that I have turned to in the past:  Attach some suspenders to the skirt and make it an overall-type garment.  Perhaps not a solution for everyone, but it had worked for me before so why not this time.  A couple more months and much scanning of outfits later, the vest and sweater were added and, voila, today's outfit was born!  Quite the laborious process, n'est ce pas?  It isn't always so, but every once in a while, it is truly a struggle.  Oh, and please take note of the crossed button down collar.  That is definitely a blast from my past (my university days again).  I have no idea where are this nostalgia for my school days that I am experiencing lately is coming from.

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