Monday, March 7, 2011

Stop Sign Wool Turtleneck

Last week (not that long ago), when I went "shopping in my closet", the pieces that I wore today were among the items that I spotted.  When I pulled them out of my closet last week, I really didn't believe that I would have the opportunity to wear them, in particular, the wool turtleneck.  I thought that it wouldn't be cold enough again until December.  Lucky for me it was minus 20 degrees celsius this morning!

I made the shop clerk at the H&M store that I visited today laugh.  She commented on an item of clothing that I was purchasing (a top) -- how lovely it was.  I agreed with her that it was lovely, and then I told her how, because it was lovely but not exactly inexpensive, all the time that I was putting it on in the fitting room, I keep saying, "Please don't fit, please don't fit," because I had decided that because it was lovely but not exactly inexpensive, I would only consider purchasing it if it fit me "perfectly".  As soon as I got it on, I let out a series of silent expletives (okay, maybe not any "real" expletives, as I am not an expletive type person, but I did silently stamp my feet):  It fit me "perfectly".  Of course.  This always happens to me.  No easy choices for me.

I am itching for some new glasses.  It must be "Spring fever".  I don't think opticians appreciate my love of frames.  They always try to steer me in a particular direction, whereas I want to check out all of their frames to see if anything "speaks to me".  So far I have come up with two possibilities.  Neither of the two is yelling at me though, just faintly whispering.  I think that the search might have to go on.

I am wearing a wool turtleneck and plaid trousers by H&M, boots by Aldo, a parka by Canada Goose and a wool beret by Parkhurst for American Apparel.  My satchel is by The Satchel Company.

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