Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Reading, Writing and 'Rithmetic Dress

I had no idea that today was "International Wear Polka Dots Day".  Who knew?  Well, some people did.  I clearly did not (not a polka dot to be seen on me).  I wish that I had know, but had I known, would I have worn polka dots today?  I would have wanted to, but could I have?  I am searching the far corners of my mind to see if I can recall any Winter appropriate clothing bearing polka dots in my wardrobe.  Would a popcorn stitch count as a polka dot?  I have some popcorn stitch cardigans?  Other than that, I don't think that I own any Winter clothing with polka dots on it.  Oh well, can it be the thought that counts in my case?

I found a pair of frames that I like.  Woo hoo!  And they were on sale!  Double woo hoo!  Which means that these new glasses will be "affordable".  Those who wear glasses know that lenses are never inexpensive, so finding inexpensive frames is the only way to make glasses "affordable".  Despite the cost of wearing glasses, I don't think that, so long as my vision remains pretty much as it is today, I will ever give up glasses, in favour of (as someone once described eye surgery to me) "getting fixed".  I just love glasses too much.

Moving on to what I wore today:  I don't know why but I have it in my mind that the dress that I wore today once belonged to a professor.  Regardless of whether this is true or not, I can imagine the dress being worn by a professor at some point in the past.  Carrying my satchel (by The Satchel Company) seemed particularly appropriate today as a result.  In case there are any questions about the purple tights and the purple belt, I wore these to pick up on the colour of the buttons on the dress.  They are purple.  Unfortunately, this isn't very evident from the photos.

I am wearing a vintage dress from Sally Jane Vintage on Etsy, a wool cardigan by Banana Republic, a fur collar by JCrew, a beret by Parkhurst for American Apparel and riding boots by JCrew.  My satchel is by The Satchel Company).

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