Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Old Reliable Dress

I think that I have worn this dress once every week since it first came into my life.  I just love it (and, unlike the "Unrequited Love Dress", I believe that it loves me back).  At first, I kept re-wearing the dress with the same sweater and boots.  I am not sure why -- afraid to experiment, perhaps, or just happy with the combination and in an "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" mood.  Yesterday, however, I broke the mould and went with a new sweater/dress/boots combination.  Not too far from the original, but still new.  Of course, now that I have broken new ground, I can't wait to keep trying new combinations.  I think that this dress will become a lot like that "little grey dress" that I love so much.

I am wearing a dress by LLBean Signature, a wool cardigan by JCrew, tights by H&M and boots by Aldo.  My coat is by H&M and my wool beret is by Parkhurst for American Apparel.

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