Thursday, March 3, 2011

Mad For Plaid Trousers

Last night, when I was thinking about what I might wear today, I realized that, if I hadn't already done so, I was soon going to run out of ideas about what to wear.  Then it occurred to me that it wasn't so much that I was running out of ideas about what to wear as that I wasn't wanting to come up with any more ideas about what to wear for cold days.  Then I did a reality check:  I can't hibernate until Spring temperatures arrive, I can't live in denial and I can't go to work in pyjamas.  So, I would have to come up with some ideas about what to wear.  Of course there wasn't an immediate revelation moment.  But something was set in motion because by the time I had woken up this morning, I had decided that I was going to solve my "what to wear" problem by going on a expedition of discovery through my wardrobe with no destination in mind (some might call it "shopping one's closet").  Here is what I turned up:  a pair of plaid trousers, cropped and cuffed, from at least a couple of years ago, yet unworn, and a sweater, also from at least a couple of years ago, also yet unworn.  I ended up wearing these "finds" today.  And I was a pretty happy camper.

I found some other things on my expedition of discovery:  another pair of cropped plaid pants and two wool turtlenecks, all unworn for at least two years, and another sweater, identical to the one that I wore today but in another colour, acquired at least two years ago and yet to be worn.  Depending on what happens with the weather in the next week or so, I may give these finds a go.  Who knew "shopping one's closet" could be so much fun!

On another note, I am still having to layer up, with quilted vests underneath coats, to keep warm outside.  Not to be pessimistic, but I suspect that I will be getting a lot of wear from my quilted vests.

I am wearing a sweater by the Gap, plaid trousers by H&M (altered by me) and boots by Aldo.  My quilted vest is by JCrew, my coat is by H&M, my mitts are by Old Navy and my wool beret is by Parkhurst for American Apparel.  And, yes, I am carrying the satchel from The Satchel Company.

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