Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Jamboree Dress

So much rain today.  Puddles everywhere, and motorists so seemingly uncaring about pedestrians also everywhere!  Now, I love my wellies, but, oddly, today, the perfect day for wellies and the first opportunity since the Fall just past to wear wellies, I really had to talk myself into wearing them.  I just didn't want to wear wellies.  But am I ever glad that I was sensible enough to wear them!  So much rain today.  Puddles everywhere, and motorists ... .

I am wearing a dress by Lands End Canvas, a cardigan by Lucky Brand, a down vest by Old Navy, tights by H&M, over-the-knee socks by Levis and wellies by Hunter.  My coat is by Old Navy and my fingerless gloves and wool beret are by American Apparel.


Stef / Diversions said...

Adorable dress and I love the two kinds of green cardi :)

Shame about all the rain and careless, splashy drivers. Perfect boots though :)

wardrobetales said...

Thanks, Stef/Diversions! The boots saved me from many splashes. I also indulged in some puddle jumping ... when I thought that I was all alone. :)