Friday, March 25, 2011

The Boyfriend Jean

Today, I read two posts on two separate blogs about the boyfriend jean.  One post wasn't identifiably about the boyfriend jean, but about jeans that are larger in size than one's "true" size (whatever that may be).  I consider all "larger than one's true size" jeans as boyfriend jeans, so I considered the post to be about the boyfriend jean.  When I read these posts, I thought about how odd it was that I happened to be wearing the boyfriend jean today and so would be posting about it at the end of the day.  For a brief period of time this morning (before I even read any blogs), I could have gone with a somewhat more original outfit:  Right before I left for work this morning, I actually thought about putting on my denim bubble skirt instead of the boyfriend jean.  But I decided that I didn't have time to change, so I stuck with the boyfriend jean.  So, maybe, today, you will find that there is one post too many on the boyfriend jean!

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