Sunday, March 6, 2011

Another Jamboree Dress

I went to the ballet today.  Swan Lake.  The dancers were remarkable swans.  And I just love tutus.  Probably not practical for everyday wear though: Difficult to sit in and imagine all the tutus smushed together on the public transit during rush hours.  I suppose that the closest that I will get to wearing "an everyday tutu" will be when I don that petticoat that I purchased last year (which I plan on doing as soon as the temperature rises to around ten degrees celsius).

I am wearing a dress by Beebop and Wally (altered by me), a vintage cardigan from Urban Outfitters, tights and over-the-knee socks by H&M and boots by JCrew.  My coat is by Old Navy.

1 comment:

Stef / Diversions said...

I love your colour palette :)
Beautiful as always!

You make me laugh imagining a bus full of tutu clad commuters.. just wait till they get to the office..