Friday, February 4, 2011

What I Wore And What I Wanted To Wear

It always takes several days after a major snow dump (several days of no precipitation) for the sidewalks to become clear and dry.  It is still too soon after this week's snow dump for the sidewalks to be clear and dry.  I am longing for clear and dry sidewalks ... because I want to wear my JCrew riding boots.  I keep coming up with outfits that I think would be perfect if I could just wear my JCrew riding boots.  But, alas, I cannot wear my JCrew riding boots (at least not without risking damaging them ... or risking my neck).  So, when I wear these JCrew riding boots outfits without the JCrew riding boots, the outfits are just shy of perfect in my eyes.

Here is what I would have looked like had I been able to wear my JCrew riding boots:

I am wearing a vintage Banana Republic cardigan with a fur collar by JCrew, a vintage LLBean skirt, vintage Lululemon leggings and vintage Sorels.


Anonymous said...

Very, very nice, Actually I like what you had to wear, the fur on the boots matches the furry collar.

wardrobetales said...

Thank you lz bakinog ormara! By the way, I am still thinking about the comment you made a couple of days ago about lengthening the pants. I do see what you were saying. The thing is: I am not great at doing alterations myself and I haven't been able to find anyone with whom I am comfortable working. Just excuses, I know. Which is probably why I am still thinking about your comment.