Sunday, February 13, 2011

Taking The Edge Off The Cold Sweater

Sometimes, when I get a new garment, I wear it, the first time, in a particular way, and I am thrilled with that way of wearing the garment.  Later (but not that much later), I wear the garment in another way, and I prefer this other way of wearing it.  In fact, I start to wonder why I was so thrilled with that first way of wearing the garment.  Curious isn't it?  Do I change so much between the first and second wearing of the garment?

Some of my favourite vintage clothing sellers on Etsy have been marking down some of their Winter stock, clearing out their shops of Winter stock to make room for Spring/Summer stock.  Needless to say I am taking advantage of these mark downs.  One of the things that I like about shopping on Etsy is that the packages are usually so pretty that I almost don't want to open them ... almost.

I am wearing a sweater dress by Miss Green Originals, a vintage Gap cashmere double-breasted cardigan, knit leggings by H&M and riding boots by JCrew.  My coat is vintage H&M, my gloves are vintage Nine West and my beret is vintage.

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Stef / Diversions said...

I always find myself wanting to wear new garments in the plainest way possible first (no belt, no brooches, no scarfs) and then as I get familiar the item I get more and more excited about layering it.

Love your style! :)