Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Story Of Mini And The Girl

Once upon a time, there was a Fluevog shoe called Mini.  Mini was a cute little shoe, in fact, she was cute as a button.  But Mini was more than just cute; she was very versatile.  She was also charming and, yes, sexy.  Many had succumbed to Mini's spell.  But not that girl.  At first, Mini took no notice of that girl.  But, after a while, Mini couldn't help but notice the girl, because, every couple of months or so, she would come into the store, spend some time with Mini's friends in the store and, invariably, leave with one or two of Mini's friends.  Like Mini, the girl was cute, in fact, she was cute as a button.  And Mini could see that the girl could also be charming and, yes, sexy.  "So much like me," Mini thought.  "We are a match made in heaven."  The problem was, Mini couldn't seem to captivate the girl.  Every time the girl came into the store, she just looked past Mini, to Mini's friends.  She wouldn't give Mini the time of day.  Mini started wondering what was going on.  One day, the man who managed the store, cute as a button himself, as well as charming and, yes, sexy (for everyone around Mini was so), decided that he would see if he could help Mini seduce the girl, for he liked Mini (as much as he liked Mini friends, who kept going home with the girl).  He got the girl to try Mini on for size.  He showed the girl as many sides of Mini as he thought would appeal to the girl.  But to no avail.  The girl still left Mini behind, while taking some new friends of Mini's home.  But Mini wasn't sad, at least not entirely.  Yes, the girl had left Mini behind yet again.  But the girl had given Mini some time of day and, more importantly, the girl said that she didn't dislike Mini, she just hadn't see the seductive side of Mini yet.  Mini still had a chance to join her friends at the girl's home.  As the girl walked past Mini on her way out of the store, Mini just knew that the seed of Mini had been planted in the girl's mind, that the girl would think of Mini and that Mini's time would come!

I went to the Fluevog store a couple of days ago to check out some of the Spring arrivals that I had seen on the Fluevog website earlier.  Very, very nice.  I just adore Fluevogs.

I am wearing a vintage Gap buffalo check blouse with a vintage silver pin, old H&M denim overalls, a vintage wool cardigan from Sally Jane Vintage on Etsy and vintage Birkenstock boots.

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