Thursday, February 17, 2011

Spring Is In The Air Skirt

Every year I seem to bring out the skirt that I wore today either in early Spring or (as I did this year) in pre-Spring.  I think that it is the cheerful, sunny colour of the skirt; I associate the colour with "warmish" temperatures.

It is no secret that I love (nay, adore) wellies, in particular, Hunters.  Today, I was walking by a shoe store and noticed a new style of Hunters in the store's window -- a lace-up ankle boot.  I don't know whether the boot comes in a wide array of colours, but the store had the boot in black and green.  I stopped and peered longingly at the green boot.  Then I told myself that the last thing that I needed was another pair of wellies.  But, oh, I was so entranced.  But, no, I didn't need another pair of wellies.  I started walking away.  I got about 5 steps away when I turned around and walked right into the store, deciding that these Hunters weren't like my other Hunters and why couldn't I have another pair of Hunters.  Oh I am so weak when it comes to Hunters.  The most remarkable thing happened next:  in all of the locations of this particular shoe store, there was only one pair of the boots in my size and they weren't at any location remotely convenient to me.  Oddly, I was ecstatic!  I couldn't have them.  I tried to have them and found out that I couldn't.  Now, I could put the boots out of the mind and move on.  I know that I should have been stronger to begin with, but things worked out as they should have.

I am wearing a vintage JCrew cashmere sweater, a vintage skirt with a vintage patent leather belt, old tights (brand unknown), vintage H&M over-the-knee socks and riding boots by JCrew.  My duffle coat is vintage Old Navy, my scarf is vintage H&M, my wool beret is vintage and my gloves are vintage Kenneth Cole Reaction.


ChiccaStyle said...

Love this outfit, very chic!!!

wardrobetales said...

Thank you, ChiccaStyle!