Saturday, January 15, 2011

Today Was All About Having The Right Boots

Another Saturday, another snowfall.

When there is a snowfall, it takes some time before sidewalks are cleared of snow.  It therefore makes the most sense to wear boots that are waterproof, warm and have good traction -- if one is going out in the snow.  Sorels are good, in this regard, as are Bean boots.  And I like both for snowy, Wintery days.  But I also like Bogs, which is what I wore today.

Whenever I wear Bogs, I feel like I am wearing "scuba gear".  Maybe it's the neoprene.  No matter, they keep me warm and dry and permit me to trudge through the snow with confidence.

And trudge through the snow I did today.  Last week, I used snow as an excuse to not visit any vintage shops.  Today, despite the snow, I went looking for a particular vintage shop.  (I found it, but, sadly, it was still closed when I passed by it and I didn't have time to wait for it to open -- not that there was anywhere to wait in any event.  Perhaps I will go back tomorrow ... when it is open.  This "bricks and mortar" vintage shopping thing is definitely proving to be challenging for me.)

I am wearing a vintage LLBean Norwegian sweater, vintage Old Navy corduroys, a vintage Gap belt, a vintage H&M snood, a vintage Gloverall for the Hudson's Bay Company coat, a vintage deLux hat and old mitts by slo.  My wool work socks are old from an off-price store and my boots are old Bogs.

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