Friday, January 7, 2011

Snow Day Sweater

So there was snow on the ground this morning, which meant that I could wear my new LLBean snow boots, the ones that I bought a couple of months ago in anticipation of snow (but wondering, in the depths of my mind, whether there actually would be snow).  If you follow the blog, you may remember that I bought these boots in brown first, then agonized over whether to buy them in graphite as well before caving and buying them in graphite.  It is not uncommon for me, when I buy the same item in more than one colour, to wear the item first not in the first colour purchased.  Strange, I know, and, perhaps, the reason why I have had such a hard time breaking the "one in every colour" buying habit.

I have had the ski jacket that I wore today for more than a couple of years now.  I remember when I bought it.  It came in a multitude of colours, but I only wanted it in this blue (peacock blue?) colour.  This was one time when I didn't want "one in every colour"; I just wanted one particular colour!

The hat that I wore today was acquired before the ski jacket was acquired.  Today, however, was the first time that I wore the hat and the ski jacket together.  I thought that the two items would work well together, not only because (I think) the two items recall the 60s, but also because the blue buttons on the hat match the blue of the ski jacket.  I love the two items together as much as I love them each separately.

I am wearing a vintage Jacob wool turtleneck, a vintage H&M skirt, a vintage H&M ski jacket, a vintage Wildhagen hat and vintage Old Navy gloves.   I do not remember the brand of my tights, my socks are vintage H&M and my boots are by LLBean.


Anonymous said...

the purple/plum tights are very nice. And good decision; graphiti boots are really nice.

wardrobetales said...

Thank you lz bakinog ormara! At the moment, I am liking the graphite boots more than the brown ones.