Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Picking Up Where I Left Off

One thing that I did while I was sick was watch lots of reruns of Road to Avonlea.  Before I got sick I was at the beginning of a new (for this season at least) personal trend of wearing long skirts.  Watching all those reruns of Road to Avonlea seems to have solidified the trend, as the first time that I wanted to "dress up" since getting sick, I reached for a long skirt.

I think that I may have mentioned that I have been thinking about paring down my extensive shoe collection.  Well, I have started the paring down process.  I am not going to say that it is easy going, largely because I don't look at shoes as simply utilitarian objects.  But I have had I would say a great deal of success so far.  I have found that if I do consider shoes strictly from a utilitarian perspective -- difficult but possible -- I can decide which to keep and which to part with.  I can then appreciate the non-utilitarian aspects of the shoes remaining in my closet to my heart's content.

This evening I decided that I would finally open the LLBean package that arrived last week, in the midst of my illness.  I had been holding off on opening it because I wanted to make sure the right amount of excitement and joy would accompany the opening up of the package.  With the illness having sapped me of my clothing enthusiasm, had I opened the package up immediately upon its arrival, likely it would have just been a ho-hum affair.  That would have been a waste of a clothing purchase.  This evening, however, the purchase didn't go unnoticed.  There was definitely the right amount of excitement and joy.

Now that I have opened the LLBean package, the question is: Will I be able to stick with the plan to wear the long skirt again tomorrow?  Or, will I opt to wear what was in the LLBean package?

I am wearing a wool shirt by Pendleton from Urban Outfitters with a vintage Gap tie, a vintage Gap shawl collar cardigan, a vintage RW & Co skirt with vintage Jacob suspenders and vintage army boots.


Anonymous said...

What was in the package? A mistery...

wardrobetales said...

I will reveal what was in the package soon! I didn't mean to leave it a mystery ... well maybe a little.