Monday, January 31, 2011

The Four Leaf Clover Skirt

About a month ago, I saw an outfit that I liked and that I thought I should try to recreate for myself.  The problem was I didn't have the right kind of skirt.  So I parked the inspiration outfit in my "wear it" folder and tried to remember to scan stores for the "right kind of skirt" whenever I happened to be in any kind of clothing store.  Lucky for me (and, trust me, this rarely happens to me), no more than a week later I happened across the "right kind of skirt" (and, on sale).  So the "me" version of the inspiration outfit was ready to go.  Then I got sick and I had to park notions of wearing anything but sweats and pyjamas for the better part of a week.  After that, I didn't want to wear anything but long skirts.  Once that inclination passed, I remembered the inspiration outfit.  And, today, I decided to wear the "me version" of the inspiration outfit.

I wore non-rubber soled boots again today.  This was deliberate, because, if the weather forecast comes true, I probably won't be able to wear non-rubber soled boots for a while.  I wanted to get a last wear in.  This morning, on the radio, the morning show host called what is coming tomorrow "snow-mageddon" (the person doing the weather told him not to alarm people).  I will be pulling out the Sorels, I think.  I may not be able to wear non-snow boots for a while, but at least I will be able to dream about new non-snow boots:  New Fluevogs are starting to show up on the Fluevog website!

I am wearing a vintage Irish fisherman's sweater, a skirt by Urban Renewal from Urban Outfitters, wool leggings by H&M, vintage socks by H&M and boots by JCrew.  My beret is vintage and my handknit button scarf was a gift.

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