Friday, January 14, 2011

The Fisherman's Sweater

I imagine that everyone is familiar with the somewhat morbid tale of the fisherman's sweater?  The one about how different families knitted different patterns into the sweater so as to enable identification of fishermen who met with their demise while fishing?  I learned of this tale when, while at university, I went to buy my first authentic fisherman's sweater at an Irish shop.  (Incidentally, that first authentic fisherman's sweater wasn't the one that I wore today.  Although, the fisherman's sweater that I wore today is an authentic fisherman's sweater that I purchased some years after purchasing the first one and at the same Irish shop.)  I recall this tale of the fisherman's sweater every time I wear one of my collection of authentic fisherman's sweaters.

It seems that wearing two favourite pieces from my wardrobe yesterday really started something.  The fisherman's sweater that I wore today is another favourite piece from my wardrobe.  And, it wasn't the only favourite piece from my wardrobe that I wore today.  The other favourite piece from my wardrobe that I wore today was the "Hudson's Bay blanket" coat.  I had been wanting one for some time before I got this one.  This one came from the very last collection of coats made by Gloverall for the Hudson's Bay Company, not from Hudson's Bay blankets but from wool fabric (which means that, when I got the coat, I wasn't getting a Hudson's Bay blanket coat and, after I got the coat, I still didn't have a Hudson's Bay blanket coat).  Because it came from the last collection, and I was shopping for it at the very last moment (I do tend to leave things until it's almost too late), I was limited in what I could get.  Which is why the coat is ... well ... let's just put it out there ... huge.  I don't care how big the coat is, though (or that it isn't a Hudson's Bay blanket coat).  I love it to bits!

As luck would have it, I managed to snag an actual Hudson's Bay blanket coat late last year.  In Fall 2009, a handful of Canadian fashion designers were asked to design one of a kind coats made from actual Hudson's Bay blankets coat.  Unbeknowst to me at the time, one of those designs was then produced for sale (using actual Hudson's Bay blankets) for the 2010 Olympics.  Only a limited number of the coats was produced (the number was 100) and they sold out almost immediately.  This year, the design was re-issued for sale, in even more limited quantities (I don't know the number).  I happened to be at the right place at the right time (and thinking) and, today, I am an owner of one of those limited edition Hudson's Bay blanket coats.  (So, finally, I got a Hudson's Bay blanket coat!)  I will try to debut it on the blog this Winter.

I am wearing a vintage fisherman's sweater, old cords by Old Navy, a vintage Gap belt, a vintage "Hudson's Bay blanket" coat by Gloverall for the Hudson's Bay Company, an old deLux hat, an old snood by H&M and old mitts by slo.  My wool work socks are old from an off-price store and my boots are by LLBean.

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