Friday, January 28, 2011

Down Memory Lane Dress

When I was at university, I think I owned about 12 pieces of Fall/Winter clothing, and I had to make do with that for the better part of the school year.  One of these 12 pieces of Fall/Winter clothing was a cotton flannel empire waisted dress in an olive green, black and brown plaid.  I loved that dress to bits and I wore it to its death (literally).  The LLBean Signature dress that I wore today, not so much because of its style, but more so because of the material it is made of and its comfort and warmth, reminds me of that dress.

It's funny:  I now have the ability to own more that 12 pieces of Fall/Winter clothing, yet there are days when I yearn for the simplicity of the times when I could only afford to have 12 pieces of Fall/Winter clothing.  Getting dressed wasn't a complicated affair.  The question, "What should I wear", never elicited hours of thought and debate.  What I could wear was right there, on 12 hangars spaced evenly apart hanging on a single closet pole.  I remember loving every single piece of clothing that I owned (I probably took great care to purchase only things that I loved) and I remember loving every outfit that I put together.  I don't remember ever having a bad wardrobe day.  I suppose that I could always go back to those times.  That I can own more than 12 pieces of Fall/Winter clothing certainly doesn't mean that I have to own more.  Something to think about I guess.

While I am on the subject of the minimalist wardrobe, I want to mention that, along with paring down my footwear collection, I have been slowly paring down my collection of clothing.  My hope is to make "wardrobe curating" a regular activity.  To assist in the process, I have established a new wardrobe purchasing rule:  For every "new" wardrobe item that I bring into the house, one "old" wardrobe item (of the same type as the "new" wardrobe item) must leave the house.  Now when I am thinking of acquiring something "new", I will ask myself whether I want it bad enough to displace something that I already own.

I am wearing a cotton flannel dress by LLBean Signature, a wrap wool cardigan by JCrew with a vintage silver leaf pin, vintage Lululemon leggings, old socks by Hue and boots by LLBean.


Anonymous said...

good rule: one to come, one to go. do you have an etsy or ebay shop? as you know I admire many of your outfits.
As to the limited number of clothes, only today, and what a synchronicity, I was thinking the opposite, that finally I have a decent wardrobe that allows me to make combos, not that my outfits are of great quality, but are special to me, and I can shuffle them arround.

wardrobetales said...

No etsy or ebay shop at the moment. But if I do open one, you will definitely read about it here!