Wednesday, December 8, 2010

It's Gonna Be A Bright ...

I caved today and brought out the heavy duty Canada Goose parka.  Minus fifteen degrees celsius is cold!

I can't say that I wore the warmest outfit today, for being outdoors.  That I wasn't wearing the warmest outfit for being outdoors was my main reason for bringing out the heavy duty Canada Goose parka.  Of course, now that the heavy duty Canada Goose parka has emerged, it will be so tempting to just live in it until Spring.  I will try not to do so, though.  I will try to save it for the really cold days.  I am sure it isn't going to be really cold every single day from now until Spring.  Right?  Fingers crossed!

Today, I came across a Fall/Winter collection that I hadn't seen yet.  I liked the collection, but it took me a while to get to the point of liking it.  It wasn't that I disliked the collection when I first saw it, it was that my initial reaction was, "Wow, just a little dress with bare legs and booties!  I would freeze!  This is supposed to be a Winter collection?  Definitely not my Winter!"  In other words, my initial reaction was just focusing on how cold it was today.  Once I got beyond how cold it was today, I was able to really appreciate the collection.  I even started "adapting" some of the looks to my Winter.

I am wearing a sweater dress by Miss Green Originals, a vintage JCrew cardigan, a vintage Canada Goose expedition parka, a vintage H&M scarf, a vintage deLux hat and vintage H&M mitts.  My tights are old from Old Navy, my socks are old from American Apparel and my boots are vintage Fluevog.

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