Saturday, November 6, 2010

Saturday: I Won't Fall Asleep

It occurred to me this morning that, really, all of my outfits are, objectively, unremarkable and not memorable.    Subjectively, however, some are quite remarkable and memorable.  I am not sure that I can articulate clearly why some outfits are this way.  I am happiest when I have created a character for myself and I have expressed this character through dress to my satisfaction.  I am the most frustrated when I have no character to play or I can't express her well through dress because I don't have a clear enough sense of who she is.

I really wish that I could wear denim to work every single day.  Not just jeans, but also denim skirts and dresses.  While I may have once upon a time not been a jeans girl, I have definitely become a jeans girl over the past couple of months.  Today, alone, I styled two new jeans outfit and I have, I would guess, a least a half dozen jeans outfits that I have styled in the past two months just waiting to be worn.  It would help me to get through this stockpile of jeans outfits if I could wear denim to work every single day.  But, alas, I can only wear denim to work one day a week.  I suppose that being able to wear denim on three of seven days each week should be enough to get through the stockpile.  However, even though I may have recently become a jeans girl, this is not to say that I desire to wear nothing but denim.  So, sometimes, while I can wear denim on three consecutive days each week, I just don't want to.  I want more opportunities to wear denim (while keeping my job of course).

I am wearing an old tshirt from the Gap underneath an old sweater from LLBean, jeggings by Hue, a cropped duffle coat from Old Navy and an old scarf from JCrew.  My socks are from my sock drawer and my boots are by Fluevog (they are new new and I just want to wear them to bed I love them so much).

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