Tuesday, October 5, 2010

You Say Toma-toe, I Say Toma-tow

I spotted the dress that I wore today at Urban Outfitters a couple of weeks ago -- it may have actually been when I went to The Clothing Show.  It screamed me (to me): the dropped waist, the plaid, the school girl look  The difficult thing wasn't deciding whether to get the dress -- how could I not get it.  No, the difficult thing was deciding on the size to get.  I have a tendency to buy on the large size, and I am continuously reminding myself to check for indicators of a correct size (e.g., does it fit through the shoulders?).  In the case of this dress, I think that I switched from one size to a larger size at least a dozen times before I finally came out of the fitting room settled on a size.  In case anyone is wondering, I settled on the smaller size, although not before the larger size gave the smaller size a run for its money.

I am wearing an APC Madras dress from Urban Outfitters, an old Zara sweater, old Lululemon leggings, old socks from an off-price store and old Hunter boots.  My coat is old by Kensie and my scarf is old from the Gap.

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