Friday, October 15, 2010


It isn't too often that I see someone on the street who is dressed in a way that just makes me want to be them rather than me.  That happened to me this morning.  And, then, if that wasn't enough, it also happened to me in the evening ... twice.

In the morning, on my way to work, I saw a woman who was wearing the most perfect "yoga girl" outfit.  While I wasn't in a position to get a real good look at her, I managed to work out that she was wearing black leggings,  black motorcyle boots, a dark charcoal heather sweatshirt dress or skirt and a black sweatshirt wrap cardigan of sorts.  Her look was completed with a woolen cap on top of her lustrous locks.  I would so love to recreate her look!  To add insult to injury, she did not look like she was heading into work.  She looked like she was at the beginning of a day of lounging around and doing whatever pleased her.  Whereas there was I, looking decidedly frumpy and definitely on my way into work.  (Of course I realize that I don't know her truth/reality.  But I still know that she looked great.)

In the evening, my favourite local designer (Susan Harris) was having an open house.  At the last minute, I invited a friend to attend with me and off we went.  Two other ladies attending the open house caught my eye, because of their dress.  I can't really describe exactly what they were wearing.  One was wearing a wool suit, interestingly draped.  The second was just draped in fabric.

Taking into consideration all the lovely ladies I saw today, I certainly had a thing for draping today!

I might as well confess that I didn't walk away empty handed from the open house.  I came away with a sweater dress, a cardigan and a mock neck sweater.  When I got home, I couldn't help but style up the dress.  Not surprisingly, I went for a draped look.  While I liked the look, I really can't say whether I will wear it; it isn't entirely my "regular style".  Maybe if I can "sell" it to myself as a 30s/40s rural England look?

I am wearing a flannel shirt from LLBean with an old scarf from my accessories collection, an old jean vest from the Gap, Hue jeggings and an old faux fur vest from Zara.  My socks are old by Hue, my booties are by Neosens and my bag is vintage purchased recently at The Clothing Show.

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