Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Most Unexpected Thing

I went to a birthday party this evening.  It was a sort of reunion for me with former classmates I haven't seen in at least two years.  But the thing about going to a party attended by people you haven't seen in a while you expect to be at the party is that you may bump into other people from your past, people you did not expect to see.  This happened to me this evening.  It wasn't a negative experience, just unexpected.  Now my mind is travelling back in time.  Even when the memories aren't unpleasant ones, I find this time travel unsettling.  Probably a good thing, then, that I was wearing something tried and true.  And comfortable.

I am wearing an APC Madras dress from Urban Outfitters, an old sweater from Zara, an old tshirt from Old Navy, un-sweatpants from Roots, an old coat from H&M and an old scarf from JCrew.  My socks are from my sock drawer and my boots are old by Fluevog.

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