Monday, September 6, 2010

Outside And Inside

At first, I didn't think that I would go out today.  I wanted a lazy day at home.

Then, I changed my mind and decided that a couple of hours strolling about my neighbourhood might be pleasant.  So off I went.

Today marked day three of grey skies and cool weather.  The grey skies were expected, but the cool weather wasn't what was forecast.  Fortunately, I waited long enough before going out that I wasn't tricked by the weather forecast into under-dressing.  And I am still loving the grey skies and cool weather!

I wore two different outfits today ... sort of.  One for hanging around the house and one for going out.  The base outfit was the same, but for going out I wore a jacket, while for hanging around the house, I wore a sweater.  Jackets just aren't as comfortable as sweaters for hanging around the house.

I suppose that I could have worn the sweater when I went out, but I have been waiting for an opportunity to wear the jacket pretty much since I got it a couple of months ago.  The sweater is a recent purchase and, I am sure, will get lots of wear in the months to come.  The jacket, on the other hand, if I had not have worn it today, would have had to wait until next Spring/Summer before getting another chance to see the light of day.

I tried out some more possible Fall outfits today.  I must say, I am definitely getting better at putting together Fall outfits.  Pretty soon I expect that I will be able to stop "planning" Fall outfits and to just wing it come Fall.  But not just yet!

Surprisingly, a styling theme that I was playing with last Winter spontaneously appeared during my "dress rehearsal" today: the Girl's Guide to Hunting and Fishing theme.  I am not quite sure what to make of this.  I certainly loved the theme this past Winter and had hoped to work with it this past Spring/Summer, but that didn't quite pan out.  Maybe, for me, the theme is more Fall/Winter friendly than Spring/Summer friendly.

I am wearing a Gap shirt layered over an Old Navy long sleeve tshirt and a See by Chloe jacket.  My bow is a fabric belt taken from an Anthropologie dress.  My jean shorts are from Old Navy and my belt is an old Gap belt.  My socks are Hue, my shoes are Frye and my bag is an old H&M bag.  My sweater is from Old Navy.

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