Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I found the sweetest dress on Etsy today!  It is sooooo me!

Here's the thing about this latest find on Etsy:  I came across the seller on one of the personal style blogs that I read.  This blogger had purchased from this seller and had posted a link to the seller in one of her posts.  At the time that I was reading the blogger's post, and finding out about the seller, and seeing the link, I did not know that the seller was a seller, much less an Etsy seller.  I clicked on the link and was redirected to the seller's Flickr stream.  I was scrolling through the stream, when I happened upon the information that the seller was a seller and had a shop on Etsy.  Off I went ... to Etsy.  And, sure enough, there was the seller.  And, moments later, there was the dress!

Now, I would really like to purchase this dress.  But remember what I wrote a couple of days ago, about getting to know Etsy sellers by reading their blogs first?

If I were to purchase this dress (and it is sweet), I would really be walking into this purchase cold.  The seller doesn't have a blog (as far as I know) and I just (and I mean just) learned of the seller.  What's more, the seller resides across the Atlantic!  Would I be taking too huge a risk?  On the other hand, I have been following the blogger who "introduced" the seller to me for some time now.  She purchased from the seller (and the item did make it's way to her), so could I take some comfort in this?

Oh what will I do?  The dress is sweet!

I have no idea of the make of my dress, but it was taken from my closet.  I am wearing a Gap jacket.  My socks are by Hue and my boots (taken from my closet) are Aldo.  My jewellery is vintage, from my jewellery box.  My bag (brand unknown) is from my closet.

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